At K3 NOW we believe it is our duty to service our patients as individuals and with personalized care. Our staff is trained to tailor their skills to meet the needs of each person who walks through our doors. Explore our services and find out what is right for you!

We provide many male services for testosterone levels, hormone therapy, adrenal fatigue, and more to keep you fully optimized daily.

We provide many female services for hormone therapy, bio-identical hormone therapy, and more to keep you fully optimized daily.

Our weight loss program will provide you with nutrition information along with how hormones impact the weight loss process to get you shredding weight in no time.

Nutrient injections provide a direct and rapid delivery of concentrated nutrients into the body’s tissues. Supplementing with the right vitamins, minerals and amino acids plays a vital role in our overall health.

We provide many advanced therapy options at K3Now.  Ranging from muscle activation, pharmacogenetic testing, IV nutrition therapy to infrared sauna treatment, integrative body work and more keeping you fully optimized daily.


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